Arthur Russell



Released: 2nd August 2019

Originally recorded between 1982 - 1983, scheduled for release in 1985 but shelved since then, Corn is like all music recorded by the late Arthur Russell: personal and affecting. Russell's music means something slightly different to every listener: while he was certainly proficient at dance-floor fillers and the sonic experimentations explored on World Of Echo, it's always a new revelation to hear the man's voice grace a pop song. Of course, Arthur Russell's pop songs are like no other: they're framed by his wilful experimentation with form and structure and adorned by his unique, emotive croon. On songs like Keeping Up the only accompaniment to Russell's almost improvisatory vocal performance are a drum machine and heavily effected cello. For true emotive power check out songs like They And Their Friends: a simple cello + vocal performance that reaches out like a torch song on a dark night. A beautiful album that only reinforces the remarkable influence this most idiosyncratic of composers had on the modern underground music landscape.