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The Wee Cherubs


Optic Nerve

Released: 29th May 2020

7" with poster and postcard, Colour Vinyl£8.99Out of Stock

Limited to 800 copies Colour Vinyl
Includes postcard and poster

Impossibly rare 1984 UK 7” vinyl single, written by a pre-Bachelor Pad’s Martin Cotter. One of only three releases by the short-lived Glasgow based indie label Bogaten.

'"Dreaming" by The Wee Cherubs is the very definition of a lost classic. The kind of record that was talked about pre-internet in reverential tones by serious indie obsessives. Those in the know said it was "good enough to have been on Postcard". A bold claim, for sure! Not until some kind soul uploaded it to YouTube, did I actually hear "Dreaming" and was forced to agree that it was, indeed, worthy of the acclaim. It has everything the early-80s popkid would've wanted: sunshine guitars that sway with more than a hint of disco shimmy, wistful vocals and sweet, slightly wayward backing vocals. The flip, too, appeared online; an idiosyncratic, bass heavy, take on The Velvet Underground's "I'm Waiting For The Man". Finding a copy in the last couple of decades has been nigh on impossible (unless you're minted - there's a copy on discogs right now for 400 quid!) as more than half the pressing of 1000 was junked years ago when lead Cherub, Martin Cotter, couldn't face carting the unsold copies to a new flat. Optic Nerve, therefore, have really done the world a favour by restoring it to print. Cotter went on to The Bachelor Pad who slashed an anarchic, LSD addled path through the late 80s. There's talk of a Bachelor Pad reissue currently in the works but that's a treat for another day. For now, just revel in the joy of actually owning "Dreaming" on 7"!'