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Current Affairs

Breeding Feeling / Draw The Line

Not Unloved

Released: 21st December 2018

Glasgow's Current Affairs have been brewing in the undergrowth for a while, growing snugly into one of the city's most forceful, eldritch pop groups. Comprising Joan (ex-The Royal We/Seconds/Rose McDowall's band), Seb (ex-Anxiety), Josh (The Downs/Kaspar Hauser/ex-Rose McDowall's band) and Andrew (Shopping/Milk Records), collectively they present a muscular unity, with a pounding post-punk rhythm section augmented by wild, effected guitar and the impressive, soulful-but-gothic vocal. Breeding Feeling lurches into a high energy track decorated liberally with Sisters-ish guitar, with Joan Sweeney's Siouxsie-inflected insistence laden with pop hooks. Draw The Line piles on the early-80s goth atmosphere, pumped up with post-punk 16-bar beats and B52's-ish backing vocals.

Current Affairs played their first show at Glasgow's Poetry Club in summer 2016 and since then have developed into one of the most powerful live groups around. January 2017 saw the release of their 'Object' cassette (Comidillo Tapes) which showcased a group with a deep appreciation of the darker sounds of the turn of the 80s - think Magazine, The Cure and Siouxsie and The Banshees - but with the skill to take that music somewhere new. 'Breeding Feeling' marks the group's debut on vinyl and Not Unloved Records' (also Glasgow, Scotland) second release following a sold out Vital Idles 7" in 2017. Black vinyl limited to 320 copies (with bandcamp download) in a risograph sleeve with lyric insert.