The Radiophonic Workshop

Everything You Can Imagine Is Real

Room 13

Released: 3rd July 2017

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A limited companion release to the recent Burials In Several Earths album, featuring a piece commissioned for the launch of the Pablo Picasso exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London on 20th January 2017, paired with a re-work by noted experimental producer Rupert Clervaux, who has previously collaborated with Beatrice Dillon, Charles Hayward, John Coxon and the Sian Alice Group. 2 x 20 minute pieces available as a limited edition cassette (a nod to the Workshop’s origins making electronic music via the use of manipulated tape) and digital release. Design by David Chatton Barker of Folklore Tapes. Out on 30 June via the Workshop’s own Room 13 imprint.

Notes on the music from the Radiophonic Workshop:

'Everything You Can Imagine Is Real' - Pablo Picasso

Winter 2016 - the Radiophonic Workshop are approached by Martyn Ware (BEF, Heaven 17, Human League) to create and perform a new piece in response to an exhibition of work by Pablo Picasso. 'Everything You Can Imagine Is Real' - a celebration of the artist’s work - was staged at the National Portrait Gallery, London on the evening of the 20th January 2017. This is a recording of that event - a release compiled from the best of those improvised performances and rehearsal run-throughs.

The work was designed around set themes and improvisations. Peter Howell created the initial structure - be it a rhythm, a sound, or a basic motif - in response to key artworks and poems from the exhibition: there are 7 sections (A-G), each one slightly shorter than the last, plus a coda (H). The tempo increases by 10bpm with each section, starting at 70bpm and finishing at 130bpm. The key also changes, starting in Am, working its way to D and resolving to A flat minor. The members of the Workshop experimented in rehearsal over a period of two days to work the piece up for performance - leaving as much as possible to be improvised on the night. Many of the start points were lost or subsumed along the way, making this a truly collaborative radiophonic composition. The live performances of Picasso were accompanied by images produced by OBSRVTRY and the two conspired together to create a powerful audio-visual experience on the night.

We also invited Rupert Clervaux to create a new interpretation of the piece using the same core elements. His reinvention of the work forms side two of this release.


Side A

Composed and performed by The Radiophonic Workshop: Mark Ayres, Peter Howell, Paddy Kingsland, Roger Limb, Kieron Pepper.
Mixed & mastered by Mark Ayres at Tempus Fugit.

Side B

“The Proximity of Context to Texture”
(re-work of “Picasso” material by Rupert Clervaux)
Rupert Clerveaux: Remix and overdubs (Drums, percussion, samplers and CDJs).