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2nd EP

Lumpy Records

Released: 18th June 2021

7"£5.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched on Monday.

Limited 7" on Lumpy

Jeeeeezo this is crushing. The brilliantly named Q (after the Star Trek baddie? After the magazine? Who knows?) have waxed another 6 song EP with over the top, frantic hardcore that's brutal in all the right places with LOADS of those half-time stomping mosh parts that let's face it, will never get old. Bring it.

St Louis, Missouri’s crown jewel of HC finally squeezes out a follow up record. Since their 2015 ep they have all finished high school but their appetite for destruction still has not been satiated. Crushing hardcore alternating between the DBeat and the breakdown with plenty of that modern day half step riffing (a la Glue, Gag, etc). What will they break next ???