Sufjan Stevens

Love Yourself / With My Whole Heart

Asthmatic Kitty

Released: 28th June 2019

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Limited 7"
In celebration of Pride Month, Sufjan Stevens is releasing two new songs today on the topic of love: 'Love Yourself' and 'With My Whole Heart', available on limited-edition 7” vinyl and on all digital platforms, via Asthmatic Kitty. A portion of the proceeds from this project will go to two organisations that provide support for LGBTQ and homeless kids in America—the Ali Forney Center in Harlem, NY and the Ruth Ellis Center in Detroit, MI.

'Love Yourself' is based on a sketch Stevens wrote 20 years ago. The original 4- track demo he recorded in 1996 is included as well as a short instrumental reprise. 'With My Whole Heart' is a completely new song that Stevens wrote as a personal challenge to “write an upbeat and sincere love song without conflict, anxiety or self-deprecation.”