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Order of the Toad

Re-Order of the Toad signed copies!

Gringo/Reckless Yes

Released: 2nd October 2020

LP - Signed£17.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched tomorrow.

“Laurel Canyon hippiedom x medieval inflection + early REM spareness = OOTT. Except nothing like that”

Order of the Toad are a total trip and you really need to hear them rather than have them described! Melodically, Order of the Toad have something of a medieval fixation, filtered through late 60s influences which end up sounding something like Jefferson Airplane – not least in vocalist Gemma “The Wharves” Fleet’s powerful lung-force – mixed with British psyche heat.. think Kaleidoscope or even Syd Barrett drug-damaged whimsy. There’s no other band doing this in the UK that we know of, a musically rich tapestry woven from strands outside current trends.