Soft Riot

The Outsider In The MIrrors

Possession Records

Released: 9th February 2018

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Possession Records is a new imprint birthed by several Glasgow based underground artists in a dark corner of the city where night-dwellers ensconce themselves. One of these is Soft Riot, a frequent troubadour on the global minimal wave scene now holed up in tinseltown. The Outsider In The Mirrors sees Soft Riot - aka JJD Duckworth - leafing through the styles and cadences of his back catalog to create a new record that touches and then lifts off from touchstones he's made his own. Shades of Depeche Modian tonalities and brooding chord changes really thump into the listener's skull. While Soft Riot's stylised character-building is an art piece in itself - we're never really sure where the narrator's voice ends and the artist's begins - the songs are strong standalone pieces. The Saddest Music In The World, for example, is a brooding dancefloor track that makes full use of Duckworth's rich baritone, while The Eyes In The Wall makes some exceptionally pleasing, chest-beating 80s pop moments jump out of the stereo.

"The music on The Outsider... is evocative of an kind of nostalgic futurism, of a refusal to give up on a desire for the future (dystopic or otherwise) and the unpredictable nature of the urban situation. The music is tense, synthetic and precise, embodying and exploring issues of isolation, urban alienation and social paranoia. Yet despite these dark thematic preoccupations the Soft Riot sound is not without its warmth and humour. Wry and self aware without irony, the songs are hook laden, infuriatingly catchy and designed for dancing as much for static listening. It is a peculiarly Soft Riot take on the electro pop sound that will engross and captivate any adventurous listener."