Sleeper & Snake

Junction & High


Released: 26th July 2019

FEAT MEMBERS OF TERRY / DICK DIVER..Well doesn't this sound nice, even if it is a confronting tale. The prolific Amy Hill and Al Montfort teaming up again for this fruity/cosmic hit ..?

Recorded in April/May 2018 on the corner of Junction and High, in the lounge room on the Tascam Portastudio and Zoom R16.
Instruments: Wurlitzer Funmaker, tenor sax, clarinet, Acetone Rhythm Ace FR-3, Farfisa Super Bravo, acoustic guitar, sarangi.
Sugar and Gold – A song about Queensland's sordid history. Kidnapping, slave trade, colonial wealth and the illusion of a fair go. Sugar. Gold.
Blonde Wig – Tenor sax, Wurlitzer Funmaker. Sleeper's blonde wig.
Junction and High 1 – Entitlement and masculinity.
Junction and High 2 – Pacing around your beautiful suburb.
Junction and High 3 – We downplay their horror. Entertainment, media and the fine art of apathy when talking of reform/revolution.
Royal Filth – Yamaha CS reface, Farfisa Super Bravo, calrinet, tenor sax, sleigh bells. Republic now please.
Wisdom Vermin – A song inspired by social workers, community lawyers, doctors, researchers and other gems who cop it for caring for others.
Great Question – Wurlitzer Funmaker, Gretsch Committee through the god awful fuzz. Sandy Point.
The Lucknow Sound – A song about the hostage situation which exists because of gerrymandering in this country. Sometimes I can't see eye to eye with Barnaby on anything.
Flagged – Hondo Acoustic guitar, Sarangi, Casiotone, clarinet. You're nicked!