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Shawty Pimp

Still Comin Real


Released: 10th August 2018

New archive label Gyptology follow up L.A. Resource's reissue of Shawty Pimp's seminal, sold-out-in-minutes vinyl reissue of Comin Real With It, with Still Comin Real. Originally released in the fug of 1995 amidst the explosion of DIY rap in Memphis, Shawty Pimp was just one player in a scene that was to become legendary. Still Comin Real, like the album before it's reissue on vinyl, is gloopy, sludgy and raw sounding... mastered from original cassette, there's a satisfying snap to the 808 snares and tape hiss that's faithfully transferred onto wax. Pimp's vocal style is pleasingly nasal, with a syrupy flow that duets with the primitive sampling. As raw and gritty as the sound is, it's still laid-back and grooved, virtually honking of weed and bass.