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Andrew Wasylyk

Themes For Buildings And Spaces

Tape Club Records / Andrew Wasylyk

Released: 30th August 2021

10" Clear Vinyl. Riso printed cover. Numbered edition of 80. Signed.£21.99Out of Stock
10" Clear Vinyl. Slightly dunted cover. With obi strip and insert. Signed.£19.99Out of Stock
10" Clear vinyl. Signed.£19.99Out of Stock

Monorail Exclusive. Clear vinyl re-press. Signed by Andrew.

This was our introduction to Andrew Wasylyk’s music, our first meeting. It was the start of a friendship and also a series of loose collaborations which have partly led to this re-press of Themes For Buildings and Spaces. After the first run in 2017, Andrew had covers left over, a few damaged, but not enough for a full vinyl run. This second edition seeks to find a solution via a new riso-printed edition of 80 by our mutual friend, Musheto Fernandez. The damaged covers (slightly dunted) have been enhanced by a riso-printed obi strip and insert to make sure that noone loses out.

These are our original notes…

“Andrew Wasylyk, the alias of Scottish writer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Mitchell, invites the listener to explore his hometown of Dundee. Eight architectural sites and open spaces have inspired an album of instrumental compositions echoing the materials, the everyday use and the romanticised memories of a post-war cityscape continually shifting and evolving throughout the decades. The result is both magical and realist - music that’s both evocative and purposeful. Without wishing to over-burden Wasylyk with comparisons, we do think it’s fair to say that fans of Broadcast, Bill Wells and John Barry will find something to delight in this record which is currently on constant repeat.”

This music is the music we love - no hype. This is what we’re all about - trying to find music in the corners and sharing it with you.