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Frank Harris & Maria Marquez



Released: 31st May 2019

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So beautiful. Fuelled by his work for IBM, American musician Frank Harris started experimenting with midi and electronic music in the early 80s before teaming up with Venezuelan singer Maria Marquez to create melange between tropical, exotic pop laced with island breezes and synclaviers. The duo released their music on an E.P. and 7" but Strangelove have compiled their complete recordings in one release for the first time.

This collection is full of treasure. Lovelorn feels like a lost classic, sounding like Sade on an Electronic Soul tip, with lush early 80s sounds and early sampling embellishing with aplomb. It's smooth, but incredibly catchy with a sound both prescient and inviting. On Tonada De Ordeno, Marquez's roots in Venezuelan folk are married with a pristine rhythm section that seems beamed in from the early 80s work of luminaries Yellow Magic Orchestra. The sound also reminds us a little of Maria Rita, reissued a couple of years ago by Optimo Music. On a track like Field Trips, Harris's experimentations feel a little like Byrne's work with Eno in My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts, all midi instrumentation and primitive sampling.