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Pocket Knife / Moonsoup

Archipelago Vols. 3 & 4

Olive Grove

Released: 29th November 2019

LP - Colour Vinyl£11.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched today.

Pocket Knife: making music for bodies to dance limply to! This dynamic duo play lo fi pop which will make you bop around the floor like a cute couple at an indie disco. Guitar and keys with a backing beat play out simple songs full of tongue in cheek observations and love encounters via secret diary entries. Their songwriting is fun and witty and drips with connotations which are hidden behind a coy innocence and sweet Anglo-French singing.
The combination of Connor's witty, deadpan vocals with Nimmo 's slinky fuzz bass makes listening to Pocket Knife like receiving a jugular shot of joviality, akin to a hug from a stranger. Swaying between dreamy and bouncy, irreverent and stern, lead track 'No Benefits', lets you into Connor’s world of disappointment with an ex-boyfriend and her hope that ”I always make, your new girlfriends uncomfortable" . Whilst Custard Cream is an upbeat rumination on a libido unchecked. Manger Constructeur, on which Connor sings in her native language, roughly translates to 'Eating Builder', is a reflection on an eccentric cook from Marseille. This is an EP that slips tenderness and rage into an envelope of insouciance, nestling musically somewhere between dance-punk and french yéyé. Pocket Knife's catchy synth-pop rhythms, tongue-in-cheek lyrics, demonstrate why they are a band that you need in your life right now.

Moonsoup create dreamy, lofi indie rock and come from Falkirk. Marrying a keen pop-sensibility with lyrics ranging from abstract to heartfelt, but always cerebral, Niamh is destined for big things. She was chosen to be Volume 3 of the Creative Scotland-backed Archipelago EPs on Olive Grove Records, with label boss Lloyd Meridith immediately offering to release Niamh’s music after seeing Moonsoup live for the first time. Released in October 2019, Archipelago Volume 3 features six stunning tracks that truly highlight why anyone who sees Moonsoup play, falls in love with the exquistie melodies and stories being weaved on the stage.