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Hen Hoose



Released: 21st January 2022

LP - eco mix vinyl£19.99 Pre-Order Dispatched on or before Friday 21st January 2022

New Scottish songwriting collective Hen Hoose release Equaliser on the 5th Nov 2021. The collective’s ethos and the contents of the debut album: its compositions, performances, production and mastering deliver nothing less than an industry-challenging demand for gender equity.

From songwriting and production, to the live arena, streaming and radio play, women are underrepresented consistently throughout the music industry. Hen Hoose is a bold response to the injustice of this situation. The entirely female and non-binary artist generated project brings together some of the finest Scottish songwriters and producers who have collaborated on Equaliser and on sync campaigns (for TV and film) during what has been an incredibly difficult year for music and musicians.

Launched in Glasgow in 2020, Hen Hoose was made possible due to funding support by Creative Scotland and the album includes collaborations and compositions by Karine Polwart, Emma Pollock, Amandah Wilkinson (Bossy Love), Beldina Odenyo Onassis (Heir Of The Cursed), Carla J Easton and many others.... with the finished album’s material mixed by Susan Bear and mastered by all female production team Novasound.

Hen Hoose’s founder Tamara Schlesinger explains what has brought this project to life: “So many of us have grown tired and frustrated at seeing festival line ups and album credits full of men, when we all know that we have talent that deserves to be heard as well. It would have been easy to sit back and get more despondent, but
instead I wanted to do something to try and level the playing field.”

Schlesinger has definite ideas about the value of the project, and its legacy: “To the best of my knowledge, there is no all-female production house in the UK. My goal would be to create music for film, TV and ad campaigns collaboratively moving forward and to build on the collective, widening to more writers and producers across the UK and beyond.”

Hen Hoose demonstrates just how much the music industry needs a shake-up when only 14% of songwriters signed to publishing companies in the UK are women and just 12% of those registered at the Music Producers Guild (MPG) are women. The pandemic has further exposed how precarious music careers are, even for those
who are well established. It remains a struggle for women to sustain a viable creative living compared to men when they have fewer opportunities to develop revenue streams.

“Being a part of Hen Hoose has built up my confidence so much in terms of learning more about my skill set when it comes to production. I felt safe to explore and experiment and was constantly encouraged by my peers”.
Amandah Wilkinson (Bossy Love).

Opener Monochrome is already gaining BBC 6 music support, the guitar-led cinematic indie rock track sets a powerful note for the album’s mission with Emma Pollock & Pippa Murphy stepping back to gain a clearer, simpler perspective “Black and white is my flashlight, I use it now to make me fight.” Go Easy's chiming folk melodies are a seemingly gentle poem of self-care, but urge a rejection of criticism and self doubt, “there is nothing so cruel as your own mind, be kind, be kind”.

Just Be Real’s lo-fi electro urges to pause your life, the business, the pressures, take a simple still moment to “Step out, breathe in, there’s something to begin”. Revolution Retribution is a fierce club-ready rap against in-equality, prejudice and poverty. Let's change the world for a new generation sing Jay Puren and Amandah
Wilksinson - “we fight for the children, they can do what they dream.” The album closes with the immense Burn It All which swells to a powerful refrain with Belinda Odenyo & Inge Thomson prepared to embrace total change; “we can burn it all” they sing “we are not afraid, I am not afraid”.

“My experience with Hen Hoose has been overwhelmingly positive...With all live performances on hold, my winter would have been musically desolate.” Inge Thomson.

Hen Hoose will pitch an album’s worth of songs for TV and films along with releasing the material commercially. In an industry faced with enormous challenges since March. This is a key revenue stream for established writers to re-skill for a sustainable future, and with already secured syncs for the ScotGov Vaccine campaign and Caorunn gin, Hen Hoose are clearly making strides as not just a collective of writers but also as a production house.

Equaliser - full tracklist
1. Monochrome - Emma Pollock x Pippa Murphy
2. Just be Real - Rachel Swinton x Pippa Murphy
3. These Are The NIghts - Karine Polwart x Tamara Schesinger
4. The Best Is Yet To Come - Amandah Wilkinson x Carla J. Easton x Tamara Schesinger
5. Revolution Retribution - Jay Puren x Amandah Wilkinson
6. Hush Hush - Elizabeth Elelctra x Susan Bear
7. Go Easy - Karine Polwart x Susan Bear
8. The Bliss - Tamara Schesinger x Inge Thomson
9. A Change In The Light - Sarah Hayes x Sarah Hayes
10. Make It Alright - Elizabeth Elektra x Sarah Haye
11. Outrun You - Amandah Wilkinson x Inge Thomson
12. Burn It All - Belinda Odenyo x Inge Thomson