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Votive Offerings: Dark emanations from subterrabean Scotland

At War With False Noise

Released: 16th October 2020

Limited to 350 copies.
Intriguing and nocturnal seepings from various cloaked figures in the Glasgow synth, industrial and noise undergrounds on local label At War With False Noise. It becomes apparent quickly while listening to the five artists on this collection that there's no unified sound per se, except perhaps these characters are all evidently anti-sunshine and all the better for it. Gurgles that seem puked up from mossy drains, cold, cold synth pop and massive goth overtones and drones stalk the grooves. Charity Murder are a slightly more conventional goth/industrial group with big sounding drums, whispered/creepy vocal intonations and a very du jour chorus guitar sound that builds the atmosphere to lightless cathedral proportions. Hausfrau's mutation of cold wave belies a powerful vocal performance from singer Claudia Nova which punctuates booming bass synths in a manner both seductive and coldly desperate. VOM are mainstays of the experimental Glasgow scene and they've developed on this evidence into a ritualistic post-punk cosmiche if space was just dark, no planets, just hints of apparitions and miasma floating in the void.

Cursed Image make ample use of a sonorous vocal from Josh Longton, nestled within looped stringed instrumentation that builds atmosphere to fever pitched drama. There's a decidedly mid-period Coil timbre to the vocal and music interplay, though Longton's lyrical fascinations are more focused incisive social commentary, taut and ready to strike. Schalken present the most abstract piece on the album, a kind of masciated landscape of frayed distortion and obfuscated drone that unfurls its slow doom over a desolate 7 mins before Hausfrau returns with at least some glimmer of hope amidst the murk.