I Did It All For you

Toxic State

Released: 8th February 2019

Believe the hype. Formed from the ashes or still-beating corpses of every contemporary New York punk group (Crazy Spirit, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads etc), Murderer have concocted a brew that's more palatable than any of their parent groups or, indeed, as the name would suggest. Seeping in with a sampled xylophone / synth piece, Henry "Hank Wood" dresses up in his romance, a baritone that belies the gritty power trio thump that bursts in. With tin-pot drums and thrilling, dirged guitars blasting out a primitive, garage stomp underneath the ensemble vocals the effect isn't unlike The Gun Club's doomed sense of America's underbelly produced by Fenriz.

I Did It All For You hits, above all else, like a complete album, with recurring themes and motifs. Murderer need it to be perfect, they need it to be real and here they nail the latter. Much like Hank Wood's shout-alongs epithets, there's an inclusivity to the music that draws the listener in, makes them feel part of the gang. Primitive riffs backed up by a bassist that seems adept at the ins and outs of Americana - indeed there's sometimes a super scuzzy ghost of country rock in the propulsive grooves - and a drummer that does one thing, no deviation, no flowers, just thorns and straight ahead killer tunes for the wicked. A top, top tip.