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The Prettiest Curse

Lucky Number

Released: 12th June 2020

LP - Dinked Edition tricolour vinyl + 7"£23.99Out of Stock
LP - Indies-only light blue vinyl£18.99Out of Stock
CD£10.99Out of Stock

Dinked Edition #40 -
- Exclusive tri-striped vinyl (red, orange and yellow)
- Exclusive 12x12” Double Sided Art Print - signed album sleeve image of band /
‘Exclusive’ print image design (from the artist)
- Bonus green 7” Flexi Disc of Spanish Bombs (The Clash cover)
- Gatefold sleeve (same as other LP versions)

With “The Prettiest Curse” Hinds shrug off any remaining lo-fi accusations and unveil a widescreen beast of an album, not so much a shift as a quantum leap in their evolution as a band. This is a record positively bursting with life, with the band finally harnessing the full extent of their pop prowess and unleashing songs which sound bigger, bolder, and more complex than anything they have done before. Which isn’t to say they have turned their backs on being Hinds – quite the opposite in fact! Here, they double
down on what, precisely, makes them so special – the bright melodies betraying heartbreaking themes of isolation and betrayal, the empowering, don’t mess with us all-girl gang glow - while going even further.
You know how people say that a drop of balsamic vinegar makes strawberries taste more strawberry-ish? Well, on “The Prettiest Curse”, Hinds sound even more Hinds-ish, and marvelously so.