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Paul Messis

Win Or Lose / Please Don't Tell Me Why

Market Square

Released: 26th March 2021

7"£6.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched on Monday.

The A-side is a psych-jangler very reminiscent of groups coming out of the Los Angeles and Bay areas during late-66 early 67, the song features Paul's usual social-critique style interwoven in flourishes of reverb and jangle-heavy guitars, Prunes-esque tremolo and Farfisa organ. The B-side is a lighter affair; a sincere beat-pop ballad inspired by Nederbeat and Scandinavian groups such as The Mascots, The Sages and The Motions or even Scotland's The Poets.

Each 45 comes housed in a Risograph fold-over sleeve and Market Square company sleeve (however the last 20 or so copies won't these will come in a sleeve hand-printed with the Market Square logo as the printer didn't print enough copies of the company sleeve)