John Maus

Love Is Real


Released: 13th July 2018

New reissue series of the first three long out-of-print albums from the lo-fi pop intellectual/eccentric. The LP pressing is on 180gram heavyweight vinyl, from audio sourced from the original masters and lacquers cut at Abbey Road Mastering.

His second studio album, Love Is Real finds Maus putting synth-pop through the washing machine until all of its vibrant sounds have turned to colorless reverb-drenched mush. On "Heaven is Real" the Austin, Minnesota-based musician projects sticky melodrama through new-age keyboards and half-hearted drum machines. "You don't have to run anymore," chants Maus in a warbling baritone that sounds positively cadaverous. Similarly, "Do Your Best" brings the pulse down to a crawl as Maus slow-motion croons "Reach out to the one you love/ In the city tonight/ You've got to get it right/ In the city tonight" through a bed of shimmering synthesizers. It's gaudy, glittery, and cold-- simultaneously a parody of overwrought balladry and the loneliest, most desolate song ever. These are Love Is Real's finest songs and they're really, really creepy.