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The Work


Jelodanti Records

Released: 24th May 2019

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The Work features Tim Hodgkinson (Henry Cow, God), Bill Gilonis (Hat Shoes, Officer!), Mick Hobbs (Strobe Talbot, Officer!) and Rick Wilson (Family Fodder). This compilation covers a large period from 1981 to 2010. 11 tracks mastered by Noel Summerville and selected by the members of the band. They propose a plural look on their music: revealing both its experimental, radical and deviant approach of rock, as well as more melodic aspect. "It was that time of the century: punk had seen prog off the premises and the New Wave had clambered over their exhausted bodies to claim the citadel for itself. The genius of the New Wave was that it didn't represent any particular musical idea; it was just a name, so anything could fly under its banner - as long as it observed the accepted musical, attitudinal and sartorial conventions. Poorly disguised hangovers from prog, jazz or metal would be rooted out but, in the newly polymorphous cultural climate, rebranding -if honest- would not be punished; indeed, everyone was at it. And the prize was a novel and reinvigorated aesthetic." ~Chris Cutler. SIDE 1: 1. Fingers And Toes (I Hate America 7", 1981) 2. I Hate America (I Hate America 7", 1981) 3. Brickyard (Slow Crimes LP, 1982) 4. State-Room (Slow Crime LP, 1982) 5. Do It (Slow Crimes LP, 1982) SIDE 2: 1. Hell (The 4th World CD, 2010, rec. 1994) 2. Abdomen (Rubber Cage LP, 1990) 3. Dangerfish (Rubber Cage LP, 1990) 4. Eat (See CD, 1992) 5. Read To Me (The 4th World CD, 2010, rec. 1994) 6. Stone (Rubber Cage LP, 1990)