Frankie Cosmos


Sub Pop

Released: 30th March 2018

The first thing you’ll notice about Frankie Cosmos’ Vessel—the project’s 52nd release, if you count its prolific Bandcamp archive—is that it’s a bit bigger, louder, and faster than what we’ve come to expect from Greta Kline. The singer-songwriter is responsible for some of the sharpest and most empathetic indie-pop songs of her generation, but what was once Kline’s home-recorded solo enterprise has blossomed into one of New York City’s tightest quartets. Vessel, the group’s first LP for Sub Pop, is a testament to this growth, with adventurous arrangements and feats of musicianship that move well beyond the limits of twee amateurdom. Yet none of the essential power of Frankie Cosmos—the effortlessly poetic lyrics; the perfect mix of joy and heartbreak; the brevity and wit—is lost in any of the band’s 18 new songs.

Indies-only Loser edition translucent blue vinyl