Moomins: Woodland Band (Parade)

Finders Keepers

Released: 9th December 2019

Limited felt sleeve.
Housed in a very special custom-made felt backed 7” sleeve depicting
original production stills, this single comprises an extended take of
‘Woodland Band’ and a never before heard cue from the forthcoming ‘Lost
Tapes’ album.
Custom-composed for radically reedited daily five-minute episodes
(alongside reconstituted storylines and the narrations/impersonations of
comedy actor Richard Murdoch), the short cues written and played by two
Leeds based post punk avant-theatre composers helped exacerbate the
programme’s bizarre spectral storylines and characters earning a firm fixture
of fear, intrigue and infatuation in the hearts and memories of a slightly
confused electro fed generation.  Ticking all the boxes that attract freak folk enthusiasts and synthusiasts
alike, the combined efforts of Steve Shill and Graeme Miller deployed thumb
pianos, backwards tape effects, wooden pipes and a Wasp synthesiser (the
almost affordable post punk synth of choice) to replace the original 70s
German jazz soundtrack, thus dramatically mutating the tonality of the one- hundred-episode-long saga. Miller and Shill’s unique DIY approach follows
characters like Moomintroll, Sniff, Snuffkin and the Snork Maiden as they
encounter hobgoblins, sand lions and the mysterious Groke complete with
their individual detuned electronic voices and thereminesque whimpers.  Based on the original sprites invented by Tove Jansson, the modified fuzzy
felt figurines were designed by animator Lucjan Debinski at the legendary
Se Ma For studios in Poland for German syndication resulting in what many
regard as the definitive and most enigmatic version of the story succeeding
further animated adaptations from Japan and