Maria Somerville

All My People

Rush Hour

Released: 14th June 2019

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Shimmering into aural view, Dublin's Maria Somerville's All My People begins like every lovelorn emotion you've ever had mixed up into one cocktail. Somerville's songs are pulled along with a compelling undertow, an immaculately produced soundscape that contains deep bass pull and swelling walls of reverby chords. Her voice, a close-mic'd wonder that's largely stripped of embellishment to reveal a confident instrument comfortable in its own space, is a constant companion through out the record.
Much of the tonalities on All My People feel like a Twin Peaks / early Shoegaze / Mazzy Star study in atmospherics, a thin gauze of wonder placed across delicate songs that are snippets of emotional states hard to pin down but evocative nonetheless. There's a subtle drama through out between the use of almost Grouper-esque reverb and obfuscation combined with the slow march of Somerville's song structures. We love this record.