Rose McDowall + Shawn Pinchbeck

Far From The Apple Tree OST with Signed Postcard

Glass Modern

Released: 8th November 2019

CD with Signed Postcard£12.99 Pre-Order Dispatched on or before Friday 8th November 2019
LP - Purple Vinyl with Postcard£19.99 Pre-Order Dispatched on or before Friday 8th November 2019

Each copy comes with a signed postcard by Rose McDowall on both formats

"FAR FROM THE APPLE TREE: Original Music Soundtrack from the film by Grant
McPhee". A Psychedelic Pop-Art Fairytale, by Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade / Coil / Current 93 / Sorrow) and Canadian sound artist, composer, installation artist, lecturer and sound engineer Shawn Pinchbeck. The CD + DL contains 1 extra track and extended intros to each song from the Vinyl Edition. 13 extra minutes of music. "Far from the Apple Tree is an eclectic mix of ghost story, fairy tale and horror. Evocative of the TV series The Owl Service and films like Valerie and Her Week of Wonders and The Wicker Man and with a truly magical soundtrack by Rose McDowall (Strawberry Switchblade) and Shawn Pinchbeck make Far from the Apple Tree a must-see for fans of Redemption and ethereal thrills" - SALVATION

“Rose and Shawn';s soundtrack adds so much colour, mood, mystery and magic to our film that it would feel empty without it." delighted that it is now being released on its own, and by Glass so that it can add those same qualities to anyone who picks up a copy for themselves. “ GRANT McPHEE