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Banana Oil

Ultamate Mix

Banana Oil

Released: 9th September 2020

Banana Oil's second fruity mulch pounces out the gate with a powerful fusion of well, fusion, Raymond Scott cartoon music, Weather Report on Glasgow's weather but it's actually blisteringly hot and tropical rather than the dreich greyathon we're used to. Featuring 3 hot musicians from Golden Teacher, Martha Ffion's live band, Ben Butler + Mousepad, Banana Oil play E-number-crazed lounge jazz that grooves and twists the sinews and atoms of the body. We're reminded of Back Door, Old Grey Whistle Test fusion jazz injected with a poison aka a sense of humour.

Packaging is.. intense. Each CD comes on a portable Heraldic banner, hand-painted and liberally scented with Banana scent to transport you to childhood, waiting outside the sweetie shop jamming to Chick Corea on the headphones, dreaming of being like Scrooge McDuck swimming in big piles of money except it's not money it's those foamy banana sweets and you feel gloriously, deliriously sick.

Banana Oil is a “Jazz Power Trio”, from Glasgow, Scotland.
Members include: Niall Morris (Electric Bass), Laurie Pitt (Drums) & Joe Howe (Tenor Saxophone, Keyboard).