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Like Weather

Modern Love / Thank

Released: 20th November 2020

LP + 7"£23.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched on Monday.

Long overdue reissue of a late 90s lo fi classic. 22nd Anniversary edition remastered by Rashad Becker.

Leila's Like Weather seemingly came from nowhere in 1998, released on Aphex Twin's Reflex label but sounding light years ahead of its time, almost foreseeing the DIY pop music that exploded on the internet 10 years after its release. Released on one of the most important labels for IDM / experimental dance music, Like Weather completely confounded its milieu. The result of a singular mind seemingly stitching together elements of pop music, R&B, trip hop, noise, traces of baroque music, samples and synth playing, the album presented itself as a complete soundworld full of internal mythologies, interwoven voices and eroded soundsources. Guest vocalists bring their own emotional patinas to tracks, hip hop beats jump out and turn the whole stew into a kind of sumptuous neo soul...Really it's uncategorisable, an outlier that pointed to the myriad futures that seemed possible in 1998.

As the album progresses it takes the listeners' hand down dead ends, one minute sounding like TLC alone at night in a bedroom with artificial lighting borrowing into the psyche and then blasting off into excursions in rhythm and kosmiche, all done with an utterly fearless pinache and disregard for the coagulating norms at the time. It's the sound of people having fun with sound, some of it feels like Broadcast but then a deep swell of what sounds like an orchestral John Barry piece rises up from the undertow and takes you on a romantic trip inward. That Leila's music sounds so now and always, yet produced with modest means and even less care for what other people think, is actually a bit of a miracle. Above all, the record speaks of freedom, to do what you're gonna do, to be free of constriction and expectation.

It's really exciting that this masterwork of early bedroom DIY samplepop