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Days Of Wrath

La Vida Es Un Mus

Released: 6th November 2020

Limited first pressing on green vinyl.
This is the real deal. Named for the Greek goddess of the underworld and witchery, Athens group Hekate are locked and writhing in the eternal swirling flames of damnation, denouncing the mediocrity of the status quo with a driving, post punk razor. It's heady stuff, with the melodic interplay between synth lines and chorus-effected, spidery bass blasted into the headspace by fulfilling, locked in drums.

Days Of Wrath feels like a snapshot of a hot, febrile summer, a specific hellscape levened by nighttime transcendence with friends and altered states but it also seems to take a polaroid of the dread, anxiety and anger Western society is in the grips of. It could be any summer, baked with animosity and polarization, in any city hanging on by its fingertips to a semblence of order. Hekate document the fraying of order, in Athens perhaps, but also everywhere. Crisis, says it all with terse, urgent vocals describing ecological collapse while sounding like, well, the band Crisis but with synths. Soapbox is a straight up post-punk garage slammer, bringing Fast Product group The Flowers. But with synths. Another group that we're reminded of is the much missed Sheffield group Nachthexen.

The feeling of doom pervades Days of Wrath but it always feels like a call to arms, a call to resistance, a klaxon to wake the hell up. The vocals are sung in English and Greek and it's actually the Greek language songs - of which there are 4 which often feel the most powerful. The electricity in each track is palpabale, punk as a fire in yr veins. Tracks like Cul-de-sac do however have a powerful garage feel, with the synth taking on ? & The Mysterians style stabbing but these aren't 96 tears, these are enough tears to fill the Agean and Hekate are gonna set the whole damn thing alight.