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Released: 5th February 2021

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Much needed vinyl edition of 'cocon' album.

What an incredible talent Canadian prodcuer RAMZi is. Using a plunderphonic approach to all music ever created ever, her productions are rich, layered while also being immaculately constructed and airy. It's a true "world" music in a way, with every element present being painted over with her own style that it feels truly global and unique. It's maybe hard to explain, but RAMZi's production on Cocon points in so many directions at once that it almost doesn't matter anymore, trying to find reference points. Polyrhythmic beat workouts, swelling trance synth pads, floating flutes emerging from the condensation, jungle animal sounds and disembodied, mutated vocal samples chattering sweet deep nothings all with a glowing, warm humanity at its heart. The way a track like Spring Emu bursts into a light Jungle groove with a heavy synthetic dub nicing up the rave feels so blissful. It's like, 6am sunrise dancing on the beach without a care in the world blissful. And who doesn't want to be doing that right now, in this world of cares and stress? RAMZi's productions always invite the listener to go on holiday in their own mind and Cocon feels more like this than ever. There's perhaps a slightly more "retro" feel to this one, maybe a bit more mid-90s rave adjascent stylistic references but there's enough alien exotica on show to tie the release up with this artist's already rich history doing things her way.