C'est La Vie

Dead Oceans

Released: 5th October 2018

First new Phosphorescent album in 5 years. Full European tour around
release, including London show at Shepherd’s Bush Empire.  Matthew Houck’s most grand and varied album to date. This record will
delight old Phosphorescent fans but find a brand new audience for his
unique take on wild Americana. For years, Phosphorescent’s rise was a steady one: tours got a little better, rooms got a little bigger and with it the music became more intricate, more ambitious in its recording and arrangement. Then came ‘Muchacho’, a
juggernaut that to date has sold over 100,000 worldwide. Now, five years
later, Phosphorescent returns with his seventh studio album, ‘C’est La Vie’.  Recorded in Nashville at Matthew Houck’s own Spirit Sounds Studio, ‘C’est La Vie’ reveals a crystallization of what made ‘Muchacho’ such a breakout - a
little sweetness and a little menace, sometimes boot-stomping and
sometimes meditative. A lot of life was lived between these records: Houck became a father (twice), built his studio, escaped New York. And ‘C’est La Vie’ does have a
hefty, career-spanning feel. There’s a newfound wisdom too, however, a deeper well for all that livin’. The magic of Matthew Houck’s music has always been the way he weaves
shimmering, almost golden-sounding threads through elemental, salt-of-the- earth sounds. It’s not experimental exactly but it’s singular and it’s definitely not traditional. That knack, the through-line across the Phosphorescent catalogue, is front and centre here.