Mr Bongo

Released: 27th July 2018

One of the rarest records in the world, by ‘Os Mutantes’ before they were
‘Os Mutantes’. heavyweight Brazilian Psychedelic Rock and Folk.

‘O’Seis’ are the core members of the mighty and legendary ‘Os Mutantes’ -
namely Rita Lee and brothers Arnaldo and Sergio Baptista, accompanied here
by Raphael Vilardi, Maria ‘Mogguy’ Malheiros and Luiz Pastura.
The record features anthemic, heavyweight, psychedelic rock on ‘Suicida’ b/w
deeper, tripped-out MPB-folk on ‘Apocalipse’. Both tracks were written by Rita
Lee, assisted by Tobe and Vilardi respectively.

The term ‘holy grail’ is a little overused these days perhaps, but this definitely
is one. Originally pressed and released by the band themselves in 1966,
apparently only a handful of copies are known to exist and change hands for up to $5000.