Dakis & Mille Karali

Island Of Death OST

At War With False Noise/ Giallo Disco

Released: 23rd June 2017

Available for the first time on vinyl ever, the elusive soundtrack to one of the most notorious, twisted and downright wrongest video nasties of all time: Island Of Death by director Nico Mastorakis. Co-released by Giallo Disco and Glasgow's own At War With False Noise, Al of AWWFN had this to say:

"This soundtrack has been unearthed from the vaults for the first time since the film was released in 1976. For those not in the know, Island Of Death is a cult classic which was banned in the UK along with many other "Video Nasties" for its scenes of gratuitous violence, sex and nudity.

Even now, this is one of the most ridiculously over-the-top and downright WEIRD of the nasties, and as such is one of my favourites. This is typified really by the infamous theme song, "Destination: Understanding", which first and foremost is an absolutely brilliant tune, but set against a backdrop of incest, insane violence, rape and bestiality, sets a juddering tone of unease with its gentle swaying rhythm and calipso melody. Only the magnificently sweeping theme to Cannibal Holocaust can match it in my opinion. Where's the weirdness? Well, check out the lyrics. The singer tells us of the wonders of the day, the people "left like clay". He tells us he's dying. What are the killers made of concrete? The chorus is urging us to "GET THE SWORD" while some maniac shrieks that we must KILL THEM ALL. Jesus is referenced, flying. Absolutely everything I hold dear about music is encapsulated in this absolute fucking masterful wee beauty of a tune, and I cannot express how utterly CHUFFED I am to be the guy finally unleashing it!

Thanks should go to Anton and Gianni at Giallo Disco, who stepped in and helped me out with finally releasing this. They're a pair of cracking fellas and their help is massively appreciated.

500 copies, pro sleeve. This is a co-release with GIALLO DISCO, so you can also get it from them if you fancy picking up some class DEATH DISCO at the same time!"