Talking Drums


Dark Entries

Released: 12th October 2018

Banger Central.
A strange oddity, Talking Drums' Courage is new on us. Recorded in Glasgow in 1982, it's a post-punk disco lost classic that revels in oddness, strange mixing choices and an outrageously funky, louche beat. In fact, much of the groove here feels ahead of it's time, with some real Mutant Disco ideas coursing through its veins. Stewart McEwan's bassline snakes through the parts, with perhaps the world's longest ever intro introducing an Orange Juice-like appreciation of dance music incorporated into a band set up. Carol Moore and Dot Reid's vocals are exuberant, emerging out of the fog echo-laden guitars and synths. Aside from the dance-floor ready title track, other parts of this mini LP feel like post-Cold Storage pop music with spacey-effects and space dropping in on the beat maps.

Courage’ was their first vinyl outing in the independent, cottage-industry spirit of the times, originally released on Sticky Music in late 1982. The group added a horn section and congas extending the song to 8 sprawling minutes of dubby disco funk in the vein of ESG and William Onyeabor. The studio owner, Ian, had just bought a new piece of equipment called an Aphex Aural Exciter and put the whole mix through it – maybe one reason why “Courage” sounds strangely ahead of its time. For this first time vinyl reissue we’ve added bonus track “Lost in the 20th Century” from 1982, previously available only on their debut cassette album. All songs are remastered for vinyl by George Horn at Fantasy Studios in Berkeley. Each copy includes a double sided insert with ephemera, photos and liner notes by the band.