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Positive Disintegration

Iron Lung/Blackest Ever Black

Released: 24th May 2019

Edition of 500 in reverse board jacket with lyric sheet, poster and download card included.

Positive Disintegration is the long-awaited - genuinely, it's been four f*****g years - second album from Diät. A four-piece comprising two Australians and two Germans, all with long histories in hardcore, their 2015 debut LP, Positive Energy, is a modern classic - lyrically still sifting through the psychic detritus of real-gone teenage years in the Perth and Sydney 'burbs, while also addressing the decadence and dreariness of exile in Europe, it perfectly captured both the necessity and thrill of escape, but also the absolute futility of it. Today's novelty is tomorrow's grinding monotony...innit.

Now here comes Positive Disintegration. Things have changed. Not so much musically - a few fizzing synth-lines and drum-machine jabs aside, it's the same make-up as before...muscular, pared-down, cranked-up...tough new wave. Which is a relief. Nah, the main difference is that the faint glimmer of light that used to lurk in Diät's songs has been properly snuffed out. Whether surveying the smouldering wreckage of that thing thing we call "personal life", or zooming out to comment on the global political impasse (uh-oh!), the conclusions reached aren't encouraging. Self-doubt has hardened into self-loathing. Disappointment, dejection, disdain, despair...all the D's in effect. This is music for when the bubble has burst but you're still living in it. For when the pessimism that used to be a pose, possibly some kind kind of armour or salve against the total banality and fuckwittedness of the world around you, is now your only mode of being. Yeah, you missed the bus...and there won't be another one.

Diät’s new album Positive Disintegration is deeper and more expansive than their debut. Rather than the lo-fi racket of that album, it’s thick and lush, and you can feel the scraped-out bass tones and jaggedly tingly guitars that much better. But it’s still a stark and immediate album.