Ezra Furman

Twelve Nudes

Bella Union

Released: 30th August 2019

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“This is our punk record,” says Ezra Furman, introducing his new album
Twelve Nudes, yet another incendiary and inspiring classic from the
singer/ songwriter/ guitarist/bandleader. “We made it in Oakland, quickly.
We drank and smoked. Then we made the loud parts louder. I hurt my
voice screaming. This was back in 2018, when things were bad in the
world. The songs are naked with nothing to hide.” Immediate proof is offered by ‘Calm Down’ (aka ‘I Should Not Be Alone’), the album’s insanely catchy opening track and lead single, bound up in a compact two minutes and 22 seconds. “’Calm Down’ is so desperate, and not what I want to say about the world,” says Furman. “I think we curate
our reactions to current news because we’re overwhelmed by how bad it is,
and I noticed I was suppressing how bad I truly felt. I wanted music that
gave me permission to feel how it felt to live in a broken world, which punk
rock does.”

Furman’s preceding album, 2018’s Transangelic Exodus, was “an angry and
fearful and pent-up reaction to events too,” he recalls. “But it was a
carefully written and recorded version; we took a lot of time with edits and
overdubs. I knew I wanted I make this album quickly and not spend time
thinking how to play the songs. Twelve Nudes is a ‘body’ more than a ‘mind’
record - more animal than intellectual., And by affirming negativity, it gives
you energy, to reject stuff. There’s more space for positivity.”
Far from being defeated by a world in turmoil, Furman’s productivity has
only increased the worse things have got - and he’s taken up different
disciplines to boot. Between Transangelic Exodus and Twelve Nudes, the
33⅓ imprint published his deeply personal, thoughtful and incisive book on
Lou Reed’s legendary 1972 album Transformer, before Furman scored the
soundtrack to Netflix’s acclaimed comedy Sex Education (it aired in January
2019), which showcased the tender side of his songwriting.