Last Night From Glasgow

Released: 15th November 2019

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The debut album from new Glasgow band, Cloth, released 15th November on Last Night From Glasgow

Cloth’s sound is defined by the close collaboration between Paul and his twin Rachael Swinton (vocals), who traces the roots of their approach to songwriting back to a Christmas present she was given by their parents as a ten-year-old: a BOSS 4-track recorder. “For a while it was just me," she says, "building up harmonies, and then we ended up with so many different 30 second clips on iTunes. A lot of them were just humorous things… power ballad experiments.”

From this experimentation, the two gained an appreciation for “original takes” and the irreplicable magic of bedroom recordings, hence the title of one of the first songs they wrote, Demo Love. “The opening song on the record is an iPhone recording,” Paul begins, referring to Other. “It was really distorted originally, and came out very different when we reversed it. We try and utilise as many of those happy accidents as possible. I’d like to experiment even more going forward, with found sounds and anything that’s slightly different from bashing a chord out on the guitar.”

The second track on the record, Felt – a hypnotic, slow-burner elevated by sharp, shimmering, jittery guitars – was written in response to the twins “hopefully not unhealthy co-dependency.” Paul elaborates: “Rachael and I write everything together. I can find it difficult to work by myself. I like being able to write something people can relate to, and a friend who is a filmmaker already has.”