Chris Forsyth

All Time Present

No Quarter

Released: 12th April 2019

When Nick Kent sat down to write his epic review of Marquee Moon for NME, he was careful to present Television as a band who would eclipse the "cretinous banner of punk rock". He mentioned Love, and The Byrds, and jazz, and the keening solo that Richard Thompson played on Fairport Convention's version of A Sailor's Life. "Television's first album," he wrote, "is most adamantly not fashioned merely for the NY avant-garde rock cognoscenti. It is a record for everyone who boasts a taste for a new exciting music expertly executed, finely in tune, sublimely arranged with a whole new slant on dynamics."

The same, perhaps, could be said of this new double album by Chris Forsyth, a Philadelphia-based guitarist who's spent the past decade nimbly maneuvering himself into a grand tradition. In the many records that Forsyth has made since 2011's Paranoid Cat, alone and with his Solar Motel Band, you can hear a belief that there's life in the old jam yet; a sense that the transcendent possibilities of a guitar solo still haven't been fully explored. The Past, as one track wryly proposes, Ain't Passed.