Norman Westberg

After Vacation

Room 40

Released: 31st August 2018

Optimo Album Of The Month On the ever dependable Room 40, Norman Westberg sculpts a finely tuned piece of slow-moving glacial drones and shimmering strings. Foreboding in tone, yet with scintillating points of light that puncture through the gloom, After Vacation is a beautiful piece of work. Touchstones might be things like Biosphere, or label mate Lawrence English (who incidentally worked on After Vacation too), but ultimately Westberg's palette is distinctive, an aesthetic that sounds big, but not hopeless.

“This is the first recording that was not done in my ‘one take; it is what it is’ method. For me, this was like jumping into the pool with a blindfold on! Due to this shift, After Vacation is something of a collaborative record with the very capable and caring Lawrence English, acting as producer for the sessions; taking my sounds and weaving them into finished pieces. I listen to them more as stand-alone stories, rather than my usual style of bouncing conversation. The title 'After Vacation' came from the feeling that something was changing. Not that playtime was over, just that last week was fun and all, but now is a good time to move around into something more realised.”