Les Garcons

Disque B.B.B.

Released: 9th September 2019

Limited blue vinyl

First off Jacques Denjean’s Nervosa is a slice of Psychedelic rock from 1968, the original keeps rising in value. Not much is known about the mighty Pierre, Paul ou Jacques, this track is from the 1967 EP , one of only two releases by the group. Jacques Filh’s Wraaaach! from ’68 is the best track from the original EP and sounds like the soundtrack from a horror movie made on LSD!
Eric Harden’s Pas Question hails from 1966 and has that fantastic fuzz guitar doing the lead, plus some great brass.

TRACKLIST A1 Jacques Denjean - Nevrose A2 Pierre,Paul ou Jacques - Je Suis Turc B1 Jacques Filh - Wraaaach! B2 Eric Harden - Pas Question