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The Young Gods

L'eau Rouge


Released: 21st March 2020

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30 years ago a record came out; a monument, a pure
masterpiece. On the occasion of its anniversary, ‘L’eau
Rouge - The Red Water’ is reissued as a remastered
version, enriched with numerous bonuses - ‘L’amourir’,
‘Pas Mal’ (extracted from the 12” which preceded the
release of the album, as well as the remix of ‘Longue
Route’), two live tracks and a complete unreleased
alternative mix of ‘Longue Route’, the existence of
which has long been forgotten.
 When asked about the most influential groups in the
early 1990s, the likes of Mike Patton (Faith No More),
Devin Townsend, Maynard James Keenan (Tool), Al
Jurgensen (Ministry), Trent Treznor (Nine Inch Nails)
and The Edge (U2) will quote The Young Gods from
the outset. All connoisseurs will tell you that they have
their place in any ultimate discotheque.
 Red is undoubtedly the colour of this second album
from the Swiss trio: the red of blood, passion, rage,
life, fire. The Young Gods display amazing talent and
mastery, dissecting chaos to extract its beauty,
exploring violence to discover purity. Masterfully
grandiose, this record is testament to the band’s
mastering of the art of sampling.