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Graham Nash

Over The Years - The Demos


Released: 26th July 2019

In his demos collection, Graham Nash opens with a stripped-down "Marrakesh Express," recorded in his London apartment in the fall of 1968, and this is just one sample on a disc comprised mostly of never-before-released material which will be available on Graham Nash’s’ ‘Over The Years…The Demos’

The set was previously available on the second disc of the ‘Over the Years’ and will now be available on a 180g heavy weight vinyl. Featured demos include Teach Your Children, Chicago, and Marrakesh Express.

A good number of the demos included on Graham Nash's upcoming compilation Over The Years... demonstrate just how much was done on their journey to finished tracks -- whether for himself, for Crosby, Stills & Nash or for Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. But the solo piano version of CSNY's "Our House," recorded in San Francisco during 1969, is one for which Nash was right on the money from the get-go.

"I had a definite idea of what form the song would take, and what we did was do our version of my arrangement," Nash says, "When we made the record of 'Our House,' Stephen talked about a guitar solo, but it didn't feel like a guitar solo song, and that's how we ended up singing 'la, la, lalalala...' and like that, like a sing-song."

Nash adds that the key to any demo was not so much how he felt about a particular song but rather how those he'd be recording it with reacted. "I knew it was a song that would interest my partners," he recalls. "We had what we laughingly refer to as The Reality Rule, which is this -- if I sit down and play you a song and you don't react, you'll probably never hear that song again. But if I play a song to David (Crosby) and Stephen (Stills) and David knows what he's already going to do in the chorus and Stephen's thinking of a guitar intro, now we're talking. So it's only the songs that all three of us loved that got recorded."