Extra Noir Vol. 1

Extra Noir

Released: 9th May 2018

Limited compilation featuring artists from Texas, South Korea and Glasgow.
Aadm Our Hatley is a Texas-based multi-instrumentalist who has played in a long list of underground Austin acts, such as Red X Red M, Attack Formation, Those Peabodys and Bangaar. He currently plays guitar in Chamberlain Greene and drums in Boss Eye.
Straddling the dank border between industrial and no wave, Glasgow duo Total Leatherette also brings pervy disco fetish to their sleazy brand of mutant music.
Kübler-Ross is one of the many aliases of Glasgow electronic producer / remixer Dave Clark. A versatile and prolific producer, Clark has worked with JD Twitch of Optimo as one half of the Optimo (Espacio) remix team and has recently recorded synth- based solo tracks as Kübler-Ross. Comprised of techno producer Seonggu de Kim and minimal ambient artist Eajik, Airy Textile is a synth duo from South Korea. Their contribution to Extra Noir Vol. 1 marks their first release on vinyl. Tengger are an electronic psychedelic duo from Seoul, South Korea, comprised of Itta (harmonium and vocals) and Marqido (modular synth). “Breathe In, Breathe Out”, originally featured on a 2016 self-titled CD, is their first release on vinyl. Texan synth wizard Xander Harris is one of the most influential artists in the “horror disco” genre, and has consistently delivered tense, garish and unflinching journeys into the darkest domains of dance music. This track, “The Velvet Hand”, is exclusive to Extra Noir Vol. 1. Pecht is the nom de plume of a Manchester-based solo artist who retreated to the wilds of northern Scotland after years in the London entertainment industry. “unlock” is Pecht’s first release on vinyl.
Cucina Povera is the musical identity of Maria Rossi, a Glasgow musician and vocalist originally from Finland. Her debut LP, Hilja, was released in January 2018.