Liz Lochhead with The Hazey Janes and Steve Kettley

The Light Comes Back


Released: 15th July 2016

Brand new collaborative album from poet, author and playwright Liz Lochhead, with The Hazey Janes, and saxophonist Steve Kettely.

In the dark days of December 2015, shortly before being awarded the Queen’s Medal for Poetry, Liz Lochhead came to Tobermory to record an album with Dundee band The Hazey Janes and her regular saxophonist Steve Kettley.

The project grew from Liz's long friendship with the late Michael Marra, his son and daughter play with The Hazey Janes, who spent time at home improvising with Liz Lochhead's narrative in mind. They brought this to the studio at An Tobar, and as they played the arrangements Liz managed to select the ideal poem from her portfolio! From the monochrome stills of “Some Old Photographs” to the weightless optimism of “In The Mid-Midwinter” the words and music hang in perfect balance.