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Delroy Edwards & Dean Blunt

Desert Sessions

L.A.Club Resource

Released: 17th December 2018

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A psychedelic collection of nineteen foggy instrumental tracks.

L.I.E.S affiliate Delroy Edwards and avant-pop provocateur Dean Blunt have released Desert Sessions, a collection of hazy instrumental tracks that arrives on Edwards’ own label L.A. Club Resource.

Edwards’ left-field dancefloor-orientated sound is submerged in the tape hiss of Blunt’s signature psychedelic murk, with snatches of vocal samples and choppy, feedback-soaked guitar snippets heralding the enigmatic producer’s shadowy presence. It’s maybe best regarded as a mutual, Hypnagogic regression and ode to Blunt and Edwards shared roots in late ‘80s and ‘90s transatlantic culture - from hip hop and R&B to slacker indie-pop and ambient music - allowing for all the fog and fallibility of memory recollection, but bittersweetly evoking their subject in fine style.