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The Unreal Never Lived

Metal Blade

Released: 14th May 2021

2xLP - Silver Blue "Corona" Vinyl£21.99 Buy Now In Stock. Dispatched on Monday.

A repressing of YOB's 4th album, ‘The Unreal Never Lived’, originally released in 2005.
YOB have mastered the ability to ebb and flow throughout an album; to build up a song until it can't be built any higher; to craft something so powerful that it immediately transcends the records of their peers. The Unreal Never Lived is a true gem for doom/sludge/stoner rock fans, and should place them in the absolute elite of the style. If you have yet to experience this type of music, then this is the perfect place to start." - LAMBGOAT
‘Four-song, 50-minute album of peristaltic chug and doom-and-gloom metal.’ – Pitchfork
‘Mike Scheidt's guitar work takes on a thicker and more menacing sound, throwing in minor switches. He uses several vocal styles, from vintage mournful doom to a death-growl…. The mid-tempo SABBATH march of album-opener "Quantum Mystic" is more muscular than much of the band's previous work. A smoke-filled HIGH ON FIRE vibe is present on this track, as well as parts of "Kosmos". The 21-minute track "The Mental Tyrant" begins with a long opening instrumental section.’ - Blabbermouth