Catholic Action

In Memory Of

Modern Sky

Released: 20th October 2017

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Formed from the Glasgow DIY scene, the band was initially Chris McCrory’s solo project. Having played drums in Casual Sex and recorded a bunch of records in his home studiio, Catholic Action began as a studio project – a way for McCrory to note down his personal experiences through music. Later, as things picked up, he brought in members Ryan Clark, Jamie Dubber and Andrew Macpherson, completing the band.
In Memory Of gives the impression of a band who comfortably straddle these two opposing worlds, the experimental and the pop. The recording process, however, is another story – and nearly lead to the band’s early demise. The band emerged from the ashes of the record, born anew. That’s part of the reason behind the album’s
name, In Memory Of and its floral, candlelit artwork. “It’s basically a death shrine, to the band,” says Chris, pointing out his communion photo among the flowers. That’s not to say the album isn’t a celebration, because parts of it are.
The album is constructed in a way that rewards with each listen. “I like finding tracks deeper in albums, the one that won’t be talked about in the press – I wanted it to be connected to that,” explains McCrory. One example of this is the song “The Shallows”, which is centered on the town McCrory grew up in – a place called
Erskine, where there’s a big bridge, an infamous suicide spot. McCrory remembers spending time by the river there, where it wouldn’t be uncommon to find washed up shoes.
In Memory Of is, in McCrory’s words, “a collection of things”. There’s light-hearted adventure (“The Real
World”) and ruminations over self (“Doing Well”), tales of nocturnal pursuits (“L.U.V”) and offerings of
advice (“Breakfast”). Ultimately however, it’s the closing of a chapter and the birthing of another. Born
from frustration and the past, the release of In Memory Of is testament to the future, the clearing of a path
for Catholic Action to walk on down, intact and emboldened by the journey that brought them here. All
that’s left is for them to decide what direction to head next – to the left, to the right, or straight down the