Skiftande Enheter

Snubblar Genom Drommar


Released: 15th January 2020

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DIY bread and butter with extra fermented madness here from the scaldy port town of Gothenburg, Sweden. Following a scuffy 7" and a sterling power pop outing from singer "JJ Julius" that came and went on another limited to hell 7", this slab is an upgraded garage slop stomp which dials back the organ a little in the mix and ups the snot.

Perhaps it's something about Julius' delivery of the Swedish language, always sounding like he's half-desperate half-infected with ennui, here Skiftande Enheter sound like a lobstercake crammed full of classic indie pop, primal/primitive guitar scree, Fall-esque nuggets and well a brilliant off-the-cuff attitude that reminds us of anyone from Black Tambourine to Mope Grooves.