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Gang Starr

Jazz Thing

Mr Bongo

Released: 27th March 2020

With the original UK 7” of this release now as rare as hen’s teeth, and with
the group having recently ‘reformed’ for one last album together, the Mr
Bongo replica re-release of this 1990 masterpiece by Gang Starr couldn’t be
more timely.
The now-legendary duo of DJ Premier and Guru dropped this at the height of
hip-hop’s sampling of jazz, which had led to a creative leap forward for the
genre. Yet while others plundered in the dark, this instant classic wore its influences
on its sleeve and paid verbal homage to the musicians they were sampling.
The “melodious funk” of “Thelonious Monk” gets namechecked, while
the track samples two of his records, including 1958’s Bop gem ‘Light Blue’.
While both versions presented here have common elements, the ‘Movie Mix’
- so-named for the song’s appearance on the soundtrack to Spike Lee’s mythic
jazz biopic ‘Mo’ Better Blues’ - goes in a few different directions to the ‘Video
Mix’. Rather than just drop in an instrumental for the B-side, DJ Premier instead
shows his versatility by switching up the base track (Kool & The Gang’s 1971
‘Dujii’) and layering in other samples. In more ways than one, his virtuosity here
echoes the improvisation of a jazz musician, akin to Denzel Washington’s Bleak
in the movie.
Of course, he’s not the only show in town. The late Guru’s voice is as mellifluous
as an instrument itself here, his potted history of the genre and the artists
of jazz delivered with his own unmistakable cadence. Without this record,
would he have gone on to make his ‘Jazzmatazz’ projects?

Tracks: Jazz Thing (Video Mix) / Jazz Thing (Movie Mix)