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Flying Saucer Attack



Released: 17th July 2015

Each version comes with a FREE MIX CD from David Pearce and FREE POSTER.
Double Vinyl comes in heavyweight tip-on sleeve, download code and etching on side 4 by Rachel Coe, sometime Flying Saucer Attack member and Movietone low-end mainstay.

It's been some time since Bristolian David Pearce's Flying Saucer Attack landed anywhere near us, so to do so in such gorgeous fashion is a gift to the ears. Spread out over 15 tracks and using only guitars recorded to 4 track or CDr, Instrumentals is the sound of an inner space blown out and then settling. Opening with the ghost of a screaming 6-strings oscillating, Pearce immediately opens up the sonic field with a single mournful refrain decked in reverb, recorded in an alternate, far away space. Somewhat more akin to the projects' earlier releases, the abstract and the emotive dovetail through out Instrumentals. There's shimmering tones like starlight waterfalls in places, with looped parts fading in and out of the album's consciousness. There are points of anguish simulated in roaring distortion, threatening to split the speaker cones; however Pearce is a master of subtlety, folding the aggression back into a more meditative tone-world, making his guitar sound like layers of distressed organ or blistering skin burning softly in the sun. Instrumentals is a welcome return to the landscape for Pearce and one that's sure to soundtrack the humid summer nights between wakefulness and somnolence.