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Sound of Yell

Leapling Monorail Exclusive with bonus CD

Chemikal Underground

Released: 28th February 2020

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Monorail Exclusive SIGNED with Bonus Disc of rare material. Sound Of Yell will be playing a free instore on Sunday March 1st in Mono at 4pm

Sound Of Yell release their second album, ‘Leapling’, on Chemikal Underground. The title refers to a person
born on 29 February. ‘Leapling’ is the follow up to the 2014 debut ‘Brocken Spectre’.
An acoustic compendium of fingerstyle guitar, idiosyncratic strings and woodwind and free-spirited percussion, ‘Leapling’ is a humble yet masterful collection of instrumentals and songs written and
produced by Stevie Jones. Jones, whose balance of the deliberate and the spontaneous has become a signature developed through countless collaborations - including Bill Wells and Aidan Moffat, Alasdair Roberts, Emma Pollock and Arab Strap - the groundbreaking quartet El Hombre Trajeado (alongside guitarist RM Hubbert) and stints composing music and sound design for Scotland’s leading theatre companies. On ‘Leapling’ the Glasgow native marshals most of the impressive cast with whom he made the debut, including Alex Neilson of Alex Rex and formerly Trembling Bells on drums, artist Vikki Morton (AMOR,
Muscles Of Joy, Rev Magnetic), Alasdair Roberts, Aby Vulliamy and Stevie Jackson of Belle and Sebastian. Jones himself contributes acoustic guitar, double bass, chimes, percussion and piano.

Stevie Jones path to Leapling has been singular, an adventurer in various musics, his own musical language is steeped in deep listening and global influence. With Alex Neilson on drums, opener Boneless One pulses like a Don Cherry jam, here smothered in reeds, elastic bass playing from Jones himself to uncover a quietly wild track that blossoms. The employment of vocals on the eponymous Leapling, here in partnership with a swelling drone, reminds the listener of the New Weird Americana era of out-thinking folk deconstruction and with various points of falling apart and re-congealing, the effect is like a collaboration between Sunburned Hand Of The Man and Espers.

Perhaps owing to Jones' background playing bass in avant rock groups, his deployment of rhythm on Leapling is often surprising as several different beats and pulses seem to interlock together into a mesh of movement to be offset by the acoustic instrumentation. Aesthetically, Sound Of Yell might present as a gentle proposition but the attention to detail through-out invites repeated, forensic listening. On Burn Bridged, there's a multiplicity of half-whispered vocals giving an esoteric effect, like the beginning of a pagan ritual that's about to descend into ecstasy. It's an effect extrapolated on later, as on Flame Soaked Seer, which in name at least nods to the paranormal. Some parts of Leapling feel so engrossing, so entangled in constantly chopping and obtuse rhythm you can almost feel all the musicians breathing as one in the room. When Leapling reaches these points of synergy between the musicians Sound Of Yell sound like nothing else.

This Monorail exclusive CD Sound of Yell and Related Projects includes unreleased excerpts from Stevie Jones' film and theatre scores, a rich, immersive solo piece from Aby Vulliamy (National Jazz Trio of Scotland) and a meticulous and touching rendition of Song of Childhood from Vikki Morton (Muscles of Joy/Rev Magnetic/AMOR). There's an audacious cover of Richard Youngs' Gravity and various typically off kilter ensembles predating Sound of Yell are compiled, featuring the band in playful and intriguing configurations. Also appearing are Bill Wells, Sarah Kenchington, Fritz Welch and Jer Reid among many others. Victoria Morton, whose beautifully apt paintings feature prominently as the Leapling artwork, has contributed chalk drawings for the design.