Our Versions Of Their Versions

Reel Torque

Released: 1st March 2017

C90 mixtape limited to 400

"Raime deliver one of thee baddest dancehall mixtapes you’ll hear for time. Already well known for their selection skills, this one's a proper, heavyweight education...

Give man a mixtape brief, they’ll inevitably take ages. Ply ‘em with vanilla kush and it’s yours - as happened with Raime’s knockout dancehall mix Our Versions of Their Versions: relinquishing an all killer/no filler, seamlessly-licked selek that’s been slow cooking for the last ten years in their warehouse laboratory.

Bubbling up after the duo’s achingly tight 2nd LP, Tooth (2016), the selection cannily asserts the key, if overlooked, influence of late ‘80s and ‘90s dancehall over Raime’s stripped down templates, rugged torque and rooted sense of futurism just as strongly as their now-classic jungle mix for Fact or their garage/grime rinse-out for RA.

Running 28 riddims - all listed alphabetically on the insert, just to frustrate the spotters - with vox by Papa San, Sister P, Supercat, Supervisor, and Terror Fabulous popping off across the mix, the play-it-again factor is ratchet high on this one.

We can detect Rambo’s chopper blades at the intro, and a bit of Slam Productions and Lenky in there, too, but what the fuck is that one with the rave stabs toward the start? Or the one with screeching car tyres, or that Timba-sounding belter at the end? We hardly need to stress it, but this tape is a lot.

Endless bless-ups to Raime. Summer just came very early."

- Boomkat